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How to: Backup your Twitter account

Elena Santos


When I created my Twitter account three years ago, I did it only because I wanted to see what it was like and test Twitter-related software. Nowadays Twitter has become an important source of news and interesting links, and also a way to make friends – some of which I’ve met “in real life” afterwards.

Being such an increasingly valuable tool, needing a backup tool for it was only a question of time. There are lots of stuff on my Twitter account I’d like to save in a safe place, such as favorite tweets, direct messages and interesting links shared by your contacts. But how do you backup Twitter? Actually, there are a few ways to do it:


backup your Twitter account

TwitterBackup is a simple, Java-based tool that saves a copy of your tweets in an XML file. It’s very easy to use, though the backup process can take a long time – depending on the number of tweets to backup – and it doesn’t include direct messages.


backup your Twitter account

MKTwitter is similar to the previous tool, but with an important difference: you can backup both your own tweets and also those written by other people, which you may find especially interesting. The backup is saved in an Access database file.


backup your Twitter account

Tweetake is an online application with which you can backup not only your tweets, but also your followers, favorites, direct messages.. or simply everything! It’s simple, fast and efficient. Backups are saved in CVS format.


backup your Twitter account

TweetSheet is an iPhone app that lets you download your past 3,200 tweets and search them straight away on your mobile device – iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

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