Twitter Blue To Roll Out As a Subscription Service



New Exclusive Features Arriving with Twitter Blue

The Twitter community has been crying for new features for a long time. For instance, they’ve been waiting for reader mode and bookmark folders, while some have asked how they can undo Tweets. Well, most of that is about to change with the new Twitter Blue.

Unfortunately, none of these new features are free. The original Twitter remains, while you’ll need to subscribe if you want what you’ve asked for. It’s the social media platform’s first paying business model that will see revenue from something other than advertising. 

Twitter Blue To Roll Out As a Subscription Service

One of the features allows you to undo a Tweet. However, the name is slightly misleading. What it does is let you preview the post before it appears on your timeline, letting you make any last changes. You’ll also have 30 seconds to undo posting it, after which it will permanently be live.

You’ll also be able to save any content you bookmark in different folders. This feature lets you come back to any important posts you want to review or discuss, preventing you from searching for them later again.

Twitter Blue will roll out in Canada and Australia first before anywhere else. It’s strange to pay for features that you would automatically get free with other social media apps, but there’s enough demand to justify it. We’ll see how long the subscription model lasts before it goes free.

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