Twitter introduces a way to write longer posts on Twitter and even edit what you’ve written

Patrick Devaney


Twitter threads have become a very popular way for people to spread across the network and find new followers. Their long-form nature allows users to create useful content that is much more likely to be shared and liked. Maybe it is this success of long-form content on the network that has spurred Twitter to offer a more fully-functioning long-form post editor. Step forward Twitter Notes.

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Twitter has announced via a series of Tweets that it is testing Notes, which it is describing as a “way to write longer on Twitter.” Let’s dive a little deeper into the announcement.

Twitter introduces a way to write longer posts on Twitter and even edit what you’ve written

Notes looks to be a proper blog editor that allows users to post full blog posts to Twitter. These blog posts, or Notes if you will, can contain images and even embed other tweets. When you hit publish on a completed Note, Twitter will create what it calls a “Note card”, which it will then send out to the timelines of all your followers. These Note cards are basically just tweets that contain a review of the Note and links to it. The Note itself will live in the Write section, which will appear in the sidebar of your account.

The Write section is like the HQ for all of your Twitter long-form content. It is where you go to write your drafts and it is where they will stay once you have published them.

What’s really cool about Twitter Notes is that you can go back and edit them once you have published them. This might seem like a basic feature for a blog editor to have but it is actually pretty revolutionary for Twitter. An edit tweet button has long been Twitter’s most requested feature, but the company has always pushed back as it worries that people could change Tweets that have been cited as sources for news stories. This perhaps indicates that Twitter doesn’t see Notes as breaking news devices in the same way that it sees Tweets.

This news follows on from other recent Twitter stories such as an upcoming Communities feature and a Tik-Tok-like update to the Explore tab. Stick with us for Twitter news updates.

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