Twitter rolls out new profile to all users

Niamh Lynch


Twitter users will soon see their timeline looking pretty different. After a short test period, a decision has been taken to switch it on for everyone. Not all users will see changes immediately, but within a few short weeks, most will.

New Twitter profile page

Twitter rolls out new profile to all users

So what’s changed? Well, a central header image, for a start, accompanied by a smaller profile picture on the left. Mentions and tweets run down the center, meaning that the whole image can’t help but remind us of Facebook!

If you’re not already on the social network, it’s a good time to sign up, not least because all new users will have the new profile by default.

Once the new look has been rolled out to the web version of the micro-blogging service, we can expect to see it in upcoming mobile versions too. Unfortunately, we’ve got no official word on when that might be.

Reasons behind the changes are probably twofold. Firstly, they’re a response to user requirements, and secondly, an attempt to make the platform more profitable. Twitter’s creators are still desperately hoping to find a way of cashing in on their very specific product. So far, they’ve failed, and it remains to be seen if this visual shake-up will prove to be the lifeline they’re looking for.

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