Twitter permits Tweet warnings for sensitive content

Shaun M Jooste


Twitter has long been the social media playground for users who love to share anything and everything. It’s what sets it apart from its Meta rivals, Facebook and Instagram. However, it now includes the functionality to warn the audience that your content contains sensitive images.

This feature slowly rolled out for a while, with nude and other explicit content blurred. It offered the Twitter audience a chance to choose if they want to see what’s hidden under the veil. While this option is still available, you can now add a warning label showcasing what you’re sharing without them seeing the image or video.

Twitter permits Tweet warnings for sensitive content

Unfortunately, the same doesn’t apply to text. So, if you decide to tell your naughty crowd what you’re up to or you share spoilers from the latest TV show, people will still see it. It will be frustrating for those who see others share Wordle daily words or the recent F1 race. 

Still, it’s easier to turn your eyes away from a text than an obscene image that becomes engraved in your memory. If you see it’s about a specific topic, you can quickly scroll up. Once you see some exposed body parts, it will live with you for a long time to come.

While this may be alright for some people, it’s not good for others, especially children. The filter is a welcome addition to the platform, especially after the list of issues that Twitter has been having. Here’s hoping they apply a similar function to text in the future.

To easily perform this action on Twitter, all you need to do is tap the Flag icon after you’ve already edited and placed the content in the Tweet. It will then let you select the warning appropriate for your image or video.

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