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"Good Twitter App That Needs Push Notifications"

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Twitter is a good Twitter app for the iPhone but like many other Twitter apps, it lacks push notifications. You actually have to start up Twitter to see if there are any updates. To me without the option to be notified when I get an update, the app itself is just about meaningless. The whole point in having Twitter is to get updates on things and the who purpose to have a Twitter app is to know when you get these updates. Yet few Twitter apps notify you until you start up the app.

There is only one downside and it's what prevents me from really using Twitter apps on iPhone is the fact there are no push notifications for it.

If you want a Twitter app and don't mind if doesn't supply you with Push Notifications then this or TweetDeck should satisfy you. Just remember you won't get any updates until you start up the app.

  • Nice Design
  • Simple And Easy To Use
  • Free
  • No Push Notifications

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07 Aug 2010

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