Twitter is working on a new edit button

Leri Koen


Twitter made a surprise announcement that they are working on a brand new feature. However, this announcement comes with many questions. Why did they decide to introduce this feature now? Did a recent trending poll on Twitter influence this decision? How will this new feature change how the social media platform works?

Despite the many changes that Twitter has gone through over the last few years since its launch, one thing has always remained the same. Once you make a post, you cannot edit it afterward. However, the popular social media platform announced on Tuesday that they are already working on a new ‘Edit’ button that will change this. According to the official TwitterComms feed announcement, the social media platform has been working on an edit button since last year, and they even included a sneak peek so that users can get an idea of how it will work.

Twitter is working on a new edit button

This announcement came shortly after Elon Musk, a new Twitter shareholder as of Monday, posted a poll on his Twitter page asking if users wanted an edit button on the platform. From all the responses received, 73% of the voters said yes. This made many users think that Elon Musk’s poll set Twitter to work on this feature, although the social media platform declined this, stating that they’ve been working on it for a while.

Apart from the short teaser video, there is not a lot of information available yet as to how this feature will work. Over the last few years, many Twitter users have requested the addition of an edit button, but this was never worked on. There are also many users opposed to the idea, feeling that not being able to edit posts was one of the platform’s best features.

Twitter developers also announced that the feature would first be made available to Twitter Blue Labs subscribers that get access to beta versions and features to test out what works and what doesn’t and evaluate if an edit button is possible and useful. They will first test the feature out in the Blue Labs group before deciding if they want to make it available for everyone.

New features are critical in keeping social media platforms fresh and competitive. While many users question why something as simple as an edit button is only being tested now, others are concerned about how this feature could be abused.

We look forward to seeing how the platform responds to these concerns and will keep an eye out for any new developments regarding this feature, such as Twitter changing the chronological order of posts.

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