Twitter’s default chronological timeline is a relic of the past

Russell Kidson


Twitter came under heavy criticism when it made the decision to drop the default chronological timeline feature for a more suggestion-driven system. But thanks to a new update currently rolling out to iOS, you’ll soon be able to see the most recent Tweets in your feed again; You just won’t be able to see them by default like in the good old days. 

The update is due to be available on Android shortly after the iOS rollout is complete, and following that, it will hit the web. As spotted on Twitter’s official support account, the new interface will feature two new tabs at the top of users’ screens; Home and Latest Tweets. Home will host the company’s suggested tweets while flipping over to the Latest Tweets tab will let users see the most recent tweets in chronological order. 

Twitter’s default chronological timeline is a relic of the past

While users will still be able to see their Tweets in chronological order following the new update, the ‘Latest Tweets’ option being the default is a relic of the social media giant’s more user-driven past. Luckily, a Twitter spokesperson has brought to light the likelihood that this system will change again, hopefully back to what it was.

The issue with social media companies making such drastic changes to how users’ feed is presented to them is that it ends up being more of a confusion than anything else. iOS users who have already received the update say they are constantly checking whether they’re on the right tab, and in most cases, the ‘right tab’ is not the one showing Twitter’s suggestions. 

Instagram is also a culprit of changing things up to the dismay of its users. The popular image-sharing social media app was also criticized from dizzying heights after switching to suggested posts opposed to chronological order. While Instagram is currently testing new interface options that bring back a chronological feed without suggestions, it’s unclear whether Twitter will bend to public pressure and follow suit.

Let us know how you feel about Twitter’s latest update in the comments, and stick around to read up on how you can set up Twitter warnings for sensitive content. For other platforms removing features, you can see how Instagram has said goodbye to IGTV.

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