Twitter is testing a new ‘Unmention’ feature on PC

Leri Koen


Last year a Twitter employee leaked a preview of a new Twitter feature that would give users more control over who mentions them in conversations. However, at the time, the social media giant refused to acknowledge whether or not such a feature was in development. Now, Twitter has announced a feature like this.

Twitter has confirmed that they are experimenting with a new ‘Unmentioning’ feature that has already been released to certain PC users. The Twitter Safety Profile released more information on how this feature will work. Users will be able to remove themself from any conversation in which they were mentioned. If anyone mentioned your Twitter profile in their tweets, you could unmention yourself. While your username will still be visible, it will not link directly to your profile. You won’t get any notifications regarding responses to the tweet or any future mentions if someone replies to the tweet.

Twitter is testing a new ‘Unmention’ feature on PC

This is an expansion to a feature the social media giant released in 2020. That feature allowed users to restrict who could reply to their tweets. This feature was introduced to minimize the amount of unwanted or unhelpful replies to tweets. The hope was that this feature would help keep Twitter posts meaningful. Hopefully, the new Unmentioning feature will have the same outcome.

According to a tweet from Twitter Safety, this feature is being rolled out to Twitter Web users. The feature is only being tested at this stage, and there is no way to know when or if it will be rolled out globally. 

While there’s no guarantee if we’ll ever see this feature released, it does have some merit that will make it worthwhile. I think it’ll just be a short while before we see this feature added to the list of new Twitter features for 2022.

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